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Searchable databases for:

St.Patrick's Cemetery, Clonmel. (12,550 records)
 ***ALL burials from 1886 to October 2014***
Old St. Mary's Graveyard, Mary St., Clonmel. (859 records)  

Powerstown Church, near Clonmel (1013 records)

Society of Friends Graveyard, Clonmel. (137 records)  
Rathronan, near Clonmel, (359 records)  
Newchapel, near Clonmel (286 records)  
Marlfield Graveyard, near Clonmel. (463 records)  
St. Stephen's Graveyard, Clonmel. (155 records)  
Killaloan, near Clonmel. (331 records)  
Derrygrath, near Clonmel. (239 records)
OLD Powerstown, near Clonmel (213 records)
Kilronan, near Clonmel. (140 headstones)
Kiltegan (Shanavine), near Clonmel. (84 records)
Donoughmore, near Clonmel. (27 records)  
St. Nicholas, Old Bridge, Clonmel. (30 records)  
St Mary's, Irishtown, Clonmel. (33 records)  
Ss. Peter & Paul's , Clonmel. (21 records)  
Lisronagh Castle, near Clonmel. (52 records)  
Tullameelin Church of Irl., near Clonmel. (54 records)  
Tullameelin Catholic, near Clonmel. (197 records)  
Grange Church, near Clonmel. (539 records)  
Templetney, near Clonmel. (29 records)  
 Kilsheelan-old, near Clonmel  (111 records).


24 burial grounds are now searchable in the database, with a total of 18,380 records in all.


These records are the total number available to this website, and encompass all graveyards, current and historic, mostly within a 4-mile radius of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.











 ALL records for St Patrick's Cemetery, from 1886 to end Oct. 2013, a total of 12650 records, are now online, while a total of over 5000 of these records have a headstone image attached.

The other graveyards total around 5500 records, many with headstone images included.


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In addition to the records available on public view, there is the option to join as a Subscribed Member, and login to view the St. Patrick's records in greater detail, where available,  including larger images of headstones  (in about 5000 cases). You also have access to St. Patrick's Burial Register, 1886-1926, to download, free, with access to later records, for a small fee per record if number is greater than 3.

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Also take a look at: MyClonmel, where you can find out more about Clonmel, past and present, including photos from the late 1800's onwards.



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