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"Downloads" has an Excel file of the entire database, and there are also Burial Register pages from 1886-1926 for St. Patrick's Cemetery, Clonmel. Plus some graveyard layout maps.

Here's a listing of the graveyards...

Old St. Mary's

Graveyard List

St.Patrick's Cemetery, Clonmel. (12,910 records)
***ALL burials from 1886 to September 2016***
Old St. Mary's Graveyard, Mary St., Clonmel. (859 records)
Powerstown Church, near Clonmel (1013 records)
Society of Friends Graveyard, Clonmel. (137 records)
Rathronan, near Clonmel, (359 records)
Newchapel, near Clonmel (286 records)
Marlfield Graveyard, near Clonmel. (463 records)
St. Stephen's Graveyard, Clonmel. (155 records)
Killaloan, near Clonmel. (331 records)
Derrygrath, near Clonmel. (239 records)
OLD Powerstown, near Clonmel (213 records)

Old St. Mary's

Graveyard List contd.

Kilronan, near Clonmel. (140 headstones)
Kiltegan(Shanavine), near Clonmel. (84 records)
Donoughmore, near Clonmel. (27 records)
St. Nicholas, Old Bridge, Clonmel. (30 records)
St Mary's,Irishtown, Clonmel. (33 records)
Ss. Peter & Paul's, Clonmel. (21 records)
Lisronagh Castle, near Clonmel. (52 records)
Tullameelin Church of Irl., near Clonmel. (54 records)
Tullameelin Catholic, near Clonmel. (197 records)
Grange Church,near Clonmel. (539 records)
Templetney, near Clonmel.(29 records)
Kilsheelan-old, near Clonmel (111 records).

St. Patrick's

St Patrick's

ALL records for St. Patrick's Cemetery are online, from 1886 to September 2016, a total of 12,910 records, while a total of over 5000 of these records have a headstone image attached.

Additionally, you can view individual pages from the Burial Register.


18,615 Records!

24 burial grounds are now searchable in the database, with a total of 18,615 records in all.

These records are the total number available to this website, and encompass all graveyards, current and historic, mostly within a 4-mile radius of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.


Updated records

St. Patrick's records have been updated. All new burials in the period Oct. 2014-end Sept. 2015 are now included. (+ 115) records. New burials up to August 2016 now included (+ 120) records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other graveyards within 4 mile radius?

Not that i am aware of. Most of the graveyards are evenly spread around the countryside, with no obvious gaps that might suggest the presence of another graveyard.

Where did you get this information?

St. Patrick's Cemetery, Clonmel came from official burial records, and were transcribed from often almost illegible handwriting, so some mistakes are likely to be found, but hopefully most are now correct. All the remaining graveyard information came from inscriptions on headstones, some done by myself, many done by a team of volunteers in the mid-1990's.

How do I download files from the Downloads section?

Simply click on the "Download" button beside the file you want. Most files, except images, arrive on your computer as ZIP files. Normally you right-click on the file, and select "Extract" from the menu that has popped up. That should do it. The images download as JPG files and can be viewed in the usual way ( usually by double-clicking on them.

How do I read the Excel files?

You either need to have a copy of "Microsoft Excel" already on your computer, or you can download the application "Libre Office" from the internet, and then install it. I think there are also some freeware programs that can be used to open and read these files.